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Deadline Approaching for Clean Energy Competition

By Jason Weinstein.
A fast-approaching deadline for a clean energy small business competition that will net one Southern Tier startup a million dollars.

76West is a four-year, $20 million state contest aimed at clean-energy startups. This year the program will award one business $1 million, another business $500,000, and four other businesses $250,000 each.

The contest is not only open to alternative energy companies but also those who reduce energy consumption in their field, such as agriculture.

"Producing crops with much lower energy input would be a great example. We are focused on businesses that reduce the footprint of existing systems. There's some great technology, great businesses that reduce the impact of the hydrocarbon-based energy system like carbon sequestration," said Brian Bauer, program director for 76West.

Any business interested in applying should go to nyserda.ny.gov/76west. The finals to the competition will be in Binghamton in July. Winning businesses will be announced shortly thereafter.