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Bernie Supporters Rally at Citizen Action

By Emily Girsch.
Supporters came out to rally for Bernie Sanders Wednesday night just one day after the results of "Super Tuesday" where the senator didn't come out on top.

Sanders only won 4 out of 11 states on Tuesday, but his supporters say the game isn't over yet.

"It doesn't mean a thing," said Burt Wilson, a Binghamton resident.

"I mean people have won elections before without overwhelming statistics from caucuses and things like that. It all depends on what goes down at the convention."

The "Binghamton for Bernie" group met at Citizen Action to welcome new volunteers and discuss what happens next.

They said that area residents can register to vote on the campus of BU and at Suny Broome until March 25th.

"Binghamton for Bernie" will also be hosting a few events in the community.

"We have a 'Binghamton Bands for Bernie' that's going to be at Cyber Cafe West on March 20th," said "Binghamton for Bernie" organizer Jennifer Campoli.

"The Binghamton bands are 'feeling the Bern'. We're really excited about that. We're going to be going door to door, canvassing, that type of thing."

Attendees could also purchase lawn signs to advertise the senator as the New York primary approaches.

For now, supporters are "feeling the Bern."

"From free college to free healthcare, I believe that our generation suffers greatly and he can make that better for us," said Amber Mae Horth-Bednar.

"It's the political revolution. He is an amazing man with an amazing message and he can do a lot of good for this country."