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Owego "Superhero" Leads Kali's Klub House Fundraiser

By Jason Weinstein.
Five-year-old Ryan Woods is no stranger to finish lines. The Owego boy was born three months premature, undersized, and with Cerebral Palsy. And last year, dressed as Batman, Woods won his first 1K race, with an army of superheroes behind him.

"I was happy when it was over because I got a golden medal," said Ryan Woods.

"No, we didn't expect Ryan to do that. And when Ryan came to us and said, 'I'm going to be in this 1K and I'm going to win,' of course we were going to be there to walk behind Ryan and make sure he won," said Linda Fargnoli, owner of Fargnoli Farms.

Woods has a therapy regimen that takes him to Rochester, New Jersey, and here - Fargnoli Farms in Apalachin. He rides a horse weekly to improve his trunk control, strength and balance.

"I do trick riding," said Ryan. "I stand up on the horse and ride backwards."

Ryan's mother credits the volunteers at the farm with forming a bond with Ryan.

Fargnoli Farms has begun a non profit called Kali's Klub House. It offers therapeutic riding to kids with special needs and activities at the farm to at-risk teens.

"Because animals don't judge. They're very honest, they're very literal. They tell you like it is without lies, without judgement, without cliques. For a lot of the kids that's very unique," said Fargnoli.

On May 14th Kali's Klub House will have it's first major fundraiser - a Superhero Run at Hickories Park in Owego. And leading the way, dressed as Robin, will be Ryan.

"What do we want to raise money for?" asked Ryan's mom, Michelle Woods.

"Kali's Klub House," said Ryan.

"We want to raise money for Kali's Klub House. And what else? We want to smash our time from the last 1K," said Michelle Woods.

Woods finished his 1K last year in 85 minutes. Ryan would eventually like to enter a 5K race. If you would like to support Kali's Klub House or get involved in the superhero race on May 14th, you can can go to KalisKlubHouse.org.

If you would like to register for the race you can Click Here