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STOP-DWI to Coordinate Parade Day and St. Patrick’s Day DWI Crackdowns

By FOX 40 Staff.
Special DWI enforcement patrols will be deployed on Parade Day and throughout the St. Patrick’s Day weekend in Broome County.

The Broome County STOP-DWI Program announced Wednesday that law enforcement agencies across Broome County will deploy special DWI enforcement patrols to help ensure that our roadways will be safe on Parade Day and throughout the St. Patrick’s Day weekend.

In 2014, 29 people (28% of all crash fatalities) were killed nationwide in drunk-driving crashes over the St. Patrick’s Day holiday period according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). In 2015, local law enforcement arrested 41 drivers for impaired driving (11 felonies) in Broome County.

“We know many people will celebrate the holiday with friends or at a local pub. Just make sure you have a plan to get home. Designate a sober driver ahead of time or call a taxi. There’s never an excuse for driving after drinking,” says Broome County Executive Debbie Preston.

To prevent these tragedies from occurring, the Broome County STOP-DWI Program recommends the following steps to have a safe Parade Day and St. Patrick’s Day:

• If you plan on drinking, make arrangements now for how you’ll get home by downloading the free STOP-DWI Have A Plan mobile app at www.stopdwi.org/mobileapp

• Consider getting a sober ride to take you to your destination, so you won’t even have the option later to drive impaired

• Avoid drinking too much alcohol to fast. Pace yourself. Count your drinks. Eat plenty of food, takes breaks, and alternate with non-alcoholic drinks

• If you know someone who is about to drive or ride while impaired, take their keys and help them make safe travel arrangements to where they are going

• If you’re hosting a party, offer non-alcoholic drinks and ask your guests to designate a sober driver in advance

The STOP-DWI Crackdown is promoted by the New York State STOP-DWI Foundation with funding from both the Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee and NHTSA.

For more information about Broome County STOP-DWI please visit: www.bcstopdwi.com or follow the program on Facebook.com/broomestopdwi or Twitter @broomestopdwi

Checkpoints and patrols run March 4-6th, 2016 and March 17-20th, 2016