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Running Program to Promote Healthy Lifestyle for Kids

A new program, promoting healthy lifestyles for kids, will soon kick off at the Theodore Roosevelt Elementary School in Binghamton.

The Confluence Kids Running and Health Program, a part of the Binghamton Health Campaign, will be put on by the YMCA, United Way, and Confluence Running once a week.

It will teach participating second through fifth graders healthy nutrition practices and a variety of physical activities after school.

"With the overweight and obesity of Broome County, I believe 32% of children are overweight or obese," said Matt Gowers, Director of the Binghamton Health Campaign and manager of Confluence Running, "You compare that to 17% nationwide. We definitely need to improve and get kids active, and get kids moving, and get them outside, without a doubt."

The program is set to begin next Tuesday and expected to last throughout the school year.

For more information, you can visit www.confluencekids.com.