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Guard Pleads Guilty in Dannamora Prison Break

By Jason Weinstein.
Prison guard Gene Palmer pleaded guilty in court on Monday to a felony count of smuggling in needle-nose pliers and a screwdriver and two misdemeanor counts related to prison contraband and official misconduct. This in connection to the June prison break from the Clinton County Correctional facility in Dannamora, NY.

A judge sentenced him to six month in jail and about $5,000 in penalties.
Palmer also resigned his $74,644-a-year job.

Palmer admitted providing inmates Richard Matt and David Sweat with tools and access to a catwalk. He was accused of giving them hamburger meat that had hacksaw blades hidden inside. His lawyer says he didn't know what was in the meat.

Matt was shot and killed on June 26th. Sweat was wounded and caught two days later. Sweat is serving a life sentence for killing Broome County Sheriff's Deputy Kevin Tarsia in July, 2002.