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How You Can Defend Your Car From Salt

This is the time of year when Southern Tier residents end up with a nice coat of salt on the bottom exterior of their cars. It, as many have learned the hard way, can cause rust and paint damage. Even a reporter at WICZ has had some concern about her car.

Fox 40 reporter Brianna Case says, "I'm going to have to wash it today right after work."

Case washed it just days ago, but a lengthy commute from Syracuse to Greater Binghamton took its toll.

Fox 40's Managing Editor Frank McCaffrey says his Honda that is supposed to be low maintenance has been high maintenance when it comes to cleanliness.

How can this problem be solved. Experts on DMV.org say you should always defend your car from the damage salt can do by taking it to the car wash as often as possible.

The group also advises to use steam cleaning and undercarriage cleaning. Also, have your car re-waxed and sealed when you have it washed.

DMV.org says you should search out a mobile automobile detailer who can come to your workplace and do several vehicles at once.