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'Odyssey of the Mind' Tournament Teaches Students Problem-Solving Skills

By Brianna Case.
Students from kindergarten all the way through 12th grade participated in the Region 12 "Odyssey of the Mind" tournament.

"The Odyssey of the Mind is about creativity, problem solving, communication and teamwork," said Lynette Bryan, Tioga-Broome County BOCES Supervisor.

This isn't an easy process. Many of these students began this problem-solving project as early as September and each project is unique.

"We have the balsa problem where they are holding a thousand pounds with just a few grams of wood. Then we have the drama problems where they are solving and creating a skit to answer a question, and we also have the technical problem where they are creating a vehicle that has to do something," said Bryan.

During the tournament, the students receive a problem to solve in 8 minutes using a method they have been working on in classes.

Matthew Colosi is a senior at Windsor High School and he is one of many examples of someone who loves this event.

"I started in fourth grade and have been doing it ever since. This is my ninth year," said Colosi.

"I very much enjoy that it teaches self-sufficiency because you aren't allowed to have any outside help at all," he said.

"All those 21st century skills that employers are looking for, we get to help students learn that through Odyssey of the Mind," said Bryan.

The winners today will be able to participate in the state tournament at BU in April.