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Test Reveal Lead in Binghamton City School District Water. Over 30 Sources Shut Down.

By FOX 40 Staff.
More than 30 water sources in Binghamton City School District have been shut down following the review of 2012 - 2013 tests.

Wednesday afternoon, all parents/guardians of students in the Binghamton City School District received a letter regarding the safety of the drinking water. Its contents have also been shared with district staff and board of education.

According to the letter, after the Ithaca City School District discovered lead in the drinking water, Binghamton City School District began to review results from a water test conducted between 2012 and 2013. District officials met with a consultant on February 11, 2016 to review the 2013 results and identified 7 primary drinking sources with above acceptable limits.

These sites were then retested and shut down. On February 15, a meeting was held to review the results and the following protocols were followed:

• High School Kitchen – turned off. Flushed and retested. Results within acceptable limits received 2/16/16 – now open.
• High School Concession stand – turned off until filter installed.
• High School Building D – located in storage – Turned off.
• Franklin School – Room 109 – faucet/fountain – turned off and faucet/fountain changed, filter installed and re-tested 2/18/16. Results within acceptable limits received 2/21/16 – now open.
• Coolidge Nurse’s Office – fountain turned off and faucet changed, filter installed and re-tested 2/18/16. Bottled water was provided. Results within acceptable limits received 2/21/16 – now open.
• Mann School – 2nd floor fountain in corridor – turned off. Flushed and retested. Results within acceptable limits received 2/16/16- now open.
• High School Pre K classroom sink – HS – turned off and retested. Results below acceptable limits received 2/15/16 - now open.

Additional sources, which are not intended to be used for drinking water, such as lab or classroom sinks, were also tested in 2013. After review, these locations were retested and reviewed on February 19, 2016. 30 of 51 locations came back above acceptable levels. While not being intended for drinking water, they were shut down pending further action.

Superintendent of Schools, Marion Martinez, has made the following recommendations to the Board of Education:

• Identify and test ALL drinking sources including the field houses, Alumni Stadium (East) and West Middle School Fieldhouse.
• Label ALL non-drinking sources as a precaution because they WILL NOT be sampling points in the future.
• Re-test ALL drinking sources a minimum of every three years and after equipment or fixtures are replaced.
• Replace water filters per manufacturer’s recommendations.

The letter to parents can be viewed in full here

According to a letter from Binghamton Mayor Rich David and Joseph M. Yannuzzi,"These isolated instances are the result of water transmission conditions within those facilities, not the overall quality of the public water supply."

He continues, "The City regularly tests its water supply for lead and copper and will test again this June in compliance with state and federal regulations. These independent tests are in addition to the daily tests completed by officials at the City’s water filtration plant that address other water quality measures."

You can find the City’s most recent annual water quality report here.

If you have any questions, please contact the City’s Water Department at (607) 772-7221.