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Maine-Endwell High School Hosts Heroin Education Night

By Emily Girsch.
Members of law enforcement, addiction counselors and a former addict gathered at Maine-Endwell High School Wednesday night to share advice and provide information on drug addiction.

"Once the addiction sets in, it is tremendously difficult for them to stop and it's no longer a choice," said Patrick Gary, captain of Troop C for the New York State Police Department.

"The drug takes over their body."

The use of heroin in Broome County is at a record high, a problem that grew into a crisis in the past several years.

"I started [working in] narcotics in 1997 and there were very few heroin cases in that time but over the past 5-6 years, the spike is tremendous," said Garey.

He said this is due to abuse of prescription opioids, as that is how the majority of heroin cases begin.

Garey's niece Caitlyn has been clean for two years.

Her goal now is to educate on the dangers of drug addiction.

"I had to change everything about my life," she said.

"My entire lifestyle had to change."

Caitlyn said there's no cure for addiction, only treatment.

"It took a lot of effort on my part," she said.

"I relapsed a lot. Basically just being determined to get better, and better myself."

Representatives from Lourdes Youth Services and other organizations like Dreams Over Drugs and Fairview Recovery Services, were also set up at the event to provide additional resources.