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Binghamton Looks to Fill Gap in Heroin Treatment

By Jason Weinstein.
The City of Binghamton is taking another step in trying to address the heroin epidemic.

In his State of the City address Tuesday night mayor Rich David said the city will provide $80,000 in community development block grant funding to Fairview Recovery Services. The money will be used to hire a case manager to work with addicts during the time between when they leave the Addiction Crisis Center and find a long-term recovery program.

"Some have to go home to wait and home isn't always a safe place as far as other people in the house using drugs or alcohol. It's really to help the safety of the person who's waiting for that next level of care," said Michele Napolitano, Executive Director of Fairview Recovery Services.

Some of the duties of the case manager can include getting the addict to doctor's appointments, as well as Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous meetings. City Council must approve the awarding of the grant money to Fairview Recovery Services.