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Young Leaders Collaborate in Student Council Workshop

On Wednesday, young leaders gathered at Vestal Middle School to learn how to work together to improve their communities.

More than 150 middle school students from 13 local districts, including Vestal, Seton, Johnson City, and Union-Endicott, participated in the first Regional Middle School Student Council Workshop. The group collaborated on things like school spirit and problem solving.

Student council members said the workshop helped them to expand their perspectives.

"It's interesting to see how other people do it, so we can get ideas from them too," said Xandria Heidrich, a Vestal Middle School student council member.

Vestal Middle School Principal Ann Loose has envisioned this workshop for more than 15 years. She said Wednesday's event was a dream come true.

"One of the things of being a leader is to be open to new ideas and the view points of other people," said Loose, "And that's what kids are going to learn today, that there are good ideas out there in all of our schools."

One of the student workshops included a region-wide community service project challenge. It asked students to come up with a plan to help their local school or community library.