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Mayor David announces plan to solve heroin crisis, improve public safety at State of the City Address

By Emily Girsch.
The city council chamber at City Hall was a packed house Tuesday night for the mayor's annual State of the City address.

Mayor David outlined several goals, including a plan to tackle the heroin epidemic, increased resources for the police department including body cameras, and fixing the infrastructure.

90 body cameras will become an addition to the Binghamton Police Deparment, to be worn by officers, as well as an additional 30 cameras to be placed in police vehicles,.

"One of the primary reasons is to become more transparent and accountable" said David.

"Body cameras are good for the police officers, they're good for the residents, and they're good for the city as a whole."

David also announced a comprehensive plan to tackle heroin and introduced a partnership with Fairview Recovery Services for long-term rehabilitation.

Although the mayor also talked about improvements that have been made to blighted houses, Democrat Councilman Conrad Taylor said not enough is being done on the north side.

"I don't think that the north side has really gotten the attention that it deserves in recent years," said Taylor.

"So what i'm looking to see now in the future is more money for north side demolitions and refurbishments."

Other 2015 successes announced by the mayor include 15 miles of street improvements, LED street lights covering 93 percent of the city, the winning of the 500 million dollar Upstate Revitalization Initiative, and the reversal of a 4.2 million dollar sewer fund deficit in 2 years.