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Watkins leadership propels Bearcats to comeback win

Coaches look for certain attributes when looking for a team leader: drive, passion, respect, and a must-win attitude. That last trait was on display in BU sophomore guard Imani Watkins on Saturday.

Down by 14 at the start of the 4th quarter Watkins told her fellow Bearcats they were not going to lose to UMass Lowell. Ten minutes and 28 points later the Bearcats finished on top with a 55-52 win and large reason why was Watkins pep talk between quarters.

"I told them we weren't going to lose this game," Watkins said. "I told them that we had to refuse to lose. One of our assistants says that all the time and I think that's what we did [Saturday]."

"Imani is one of the toughest competitors I ever coached. The thing I like about her is she takes constructive crticism well so when things aren't going well or some of her teammates aren't doing what I want them to do and I can kind of go at Imani and she listens and she puts it on her shoulders. She has big broad shoulders. She's willing to accept that leadership role," said Head Coach Linda Cimino. "I'm really happy with the fact that she was like 'coach we aren't losing this game,' and once we made our comeback we definitely weren't losing because they weren't losing because they weren't going to fight all the way back and then lose."

BU hosts UMBC on Wednesday.