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Davis College Works to Open Second Campus

On Tuesday, Davis College students previewed the school's new Chrisfield Campus.

The additional campus is less than half a mile from the original Riverside Drive campus in Johnson City. It will be an academic hub for students, according to the school. The campus will feature a chapel that seats more than 450 people, an academic building with at least eight classrooms, and faculty buildings.

The college purchased the property from the Blessed Sacrament Church in 2013. It was damaged heavily in the 2011 flood.

Officials say community support is helping the college renovate the property.

"We have former alumni, we have friends of the college, just coming in and just helping us with so many things. It's been terrific," said President of Davis College Dino Pedrone.

Students said they're excited to see how the new facility will benefit their education.

"Our main motto is to pursue God," said Davis College Freshman Madison, Stroebel, "And so now that we have this facility we're able to grow and we're able to make it a lot bigger."

A Pastors and Leaders Conference will be held at the Chrisfield Campus chapel on March eighth.

Officials hope renovations of the new academic building will be completed by fall. They say when the new campus is officially open, it could double the size of the Davis College campus and student body.