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Training Session Teaches Residents How to Survive During a Disaster

By Emily Girsch.
The 2011 flood that devastated the Southern Tier and left lasting damage on homes and businesses was an experience that won't be forgotten.

The Broome County Public Library hosted a preparedness training program Monday night to teach residents how to prepare for any type of disaster, from natural to man-made.

"All disasters, we try to learn from every one of them, to try and be prepared for the next one," said Staff Sargeant Raymond Fiederer, who led the training session.

Fiederer says knowing how to turn off the power in your home is an essential skill.

"Know how to turn off the electric in your home, how to shut off your circuit breakers," he said. "Have a kit ready to go. Sometimes these floods happen immediately with no warning."

Fiederer also said you should also have two emergency kits put together, one in case you have to evacuate your home and another one to shelter in place.

"Both of them should have the same basic things. Food, water, some medicines that you might need," he said.

In addition to having a first aid kit, Fiederer said learning CPR can save a life in an emergency.

"Those skills can not only save your life but also your loved ones, and nothing's more important than that," he said.

To learn more about the next disaster preparedness workshop in your area, you can visit prepare.ny.gov.