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An Accomplished Swimmer Speaks on Empowering Female Athletes

Eempowering female athletes. that was the goal of Amy Van Dyken, six-time Olympic gold-medal winning swimmer. She spoke at Binghamton University on Monday.

The Olympic athlete lost her mobility after an ATV accident two years ago, but claims "she's become a better person than before the injury".

Van Dyken joined Griffin McIver from the BU softball team at the celebrating women's athletics luncheon to help inspire women to achieve athletic greatness.

"We're going to be handed things in life that are going to throw you a curve ball, but it's the way that you handle it that shows the kind of person that you are. You can have a bad day, or you can choose to have a bad moment. But just remember that life is really short, so don't make it a day, make it a moment." says swimming legend Amy Van Dyken.

The event raised money for Binghamton Bearcats Athletic Association Scholarship Fund.