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David Set to Deliver State of the City Address

As Binghamton Mayor Rich David prepares to give his State of the City Address in the City Council Chambers Tuesday night, Fox 40 spoke to David about what his plans are for the speech, and for the City moving forward in 2016.

The Mayor David says he's proud of holding the line when it comes to property taxes, especially considering that tax revenues went up in the past two years.

In addition to keeping taxes low, the Mayor also spoke about the improvements the city has seen in it's infrastructure, with LED lighting going up throughout the city's streetlights in the past few months, as well as the conclusion of the Riverside Drive Reconstruction Project.

But David says his priority is Public Safety, specifically in regards to the ongoing heroin epidemic that has affected the entire state of New York, the City of Binghamton included. Recent actions to improve the safety of Binghamton residents was new training and equipment for Binghamton Police Officers, such as body cameras, and Narcan for heroin overdoses. But the mayor says that this is only the beginning.

"I think that we need to re-evaluate how the city handles and responds to the heroin epidemic, and I plan to outline a new initiative regarding that as one of the many things I'm talking about tomorrow night." said the Mayor in a one on one interview.

The Mayor will hold his address in the City Council Chambers on Tuesday at 7pm.