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Are Providers Updating Heroin Treatment Bed Database?

By Jason Weinstein.
Heroin treatment advocates are encouraged but giving mixed reviews to the state for the website it launched in late January.

The site is supposed to update in real time the number and location of treatment beds available to recovering addicts. Advocates say the site shines a spotlight on the lack of treatment beds available to the growing number of addicts.

Alexis Pleus of the group Truth Pharm says she's contacted the state's substance abuse agency - OASAS - after she found treatment centers weren't updating the number of beds available.

"We were told by OASAS that treatment providers are required to update it every 24 hours. If they don't update it they can be penalized financially for not updating it," said Pleus.

Pleus says she still wishes the site would differentiate the type of treatment available at different centers.