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Walton Schools Reopened After Burst Water Pipes

By FOX 40 Staff.
Walton Central School District Middle and High Schools is back open after water pipes burst last week.

Walton CSD staff and private contractors continue cleanup and repairs to school water pipes that froze when the district lost power over the weekend. Pipes burst, which damaged flooring, walls, and equipment and forcing officials to extend winter break through Thursday and Friday.

Work was completed over the weekend.

In addition to making repairs, maintenance staff inspected the hot water heating pipes in each room. Tech staff repaired three computers damaged by water, restored the computer network, and continues to inspect other computer and technology hardware.

“What the staff is doing is nothing short of amazing,” Walton Superintendent Roger Clough said. “They have gone above and beyond what is expected to make sure everything is fixed and safe for the return of staff and students.”

Greg Dale, Walton’s business administrator, said the insurance adjuster visited the school earlier this week to catalog the damage. Based on initial conversations, he expected Utica Mutual Insurance to cover the cost to restore the building.

Clough said although the district will be fully functioning by Monday, the disaster revealed numerous problems that need to be addressed in the near future.

"We have no backup power; we have deteriorated heating pipes. We are not certain what else we might find," he said. "Our board of education and facilities committee will be reviewing our infrastructure. We need to know that our buildings are sound and provide our students with a safe learning environment."

The school, which already had vacation days scheduled through February 17th, used two snow days on February 18th and 19th.

Photos of the repairs are available on the Walton School District Website.