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New transit routes, improved bus system coming to Broome County

By Emily Girsch.
New changes are coming to the Broome County transit system.

It's been 20 years since the bus routes in Broome County were looked at, but a new transit route structure was announced in a meeting held by the Broome County Legislature Thursday night.

"By making the service easier to use, more frequent, it's an incentive for people to use the service more," said Greg Kilmer, Broome County Commissioner of Public Transportation.

The new structure will allegedly save Broome County tax payers almost 500 thousand dollars a year.

New features include extended service hours and improved access to Court Street, Oakdale Mall and Vestal Town Square, as well as to Binghamton University and the UHS Binghamton Hospital.

But where is the money savings coming from?

Kilmer says they're down-sizing the number of busses by 8 percent by using resources more intelligently, such as avoiding overlapping routes and combining existing routes.

However Broome County Executive Debbie Preston says this won't affect jobs.

"We may be using less busses but it's the same number of employees," said Preston. "Nobody is losing their job."