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A U.S. Congressman Visits ACHIEVE and Talks Education

Representative Chris Gibson, a retiring US congressman, toured ACHIEVE Thursday.

ACHIEVE, an organization that works with those who have intellectual and developmental disabilities, was hosting a flag dedication. Congressman Gibson presented the group with the flag that had flown over the US Capitol in January. Gibson is now looking at running for governor of New York and addressed the issue of education in the state.

Rep. Chris Gibson said, "We should work together with principles of empowerment, not centralizing. Not trying to homogenize graduates but really recognize the unique qualities that humans come to the earth with. Trying to help all of us reach our God-given potential. Principles of empowerment that really are centering around mentorship and leader development. Because I think that's the way we're going to get more excellence in our classroom."

At this flag-raising, Gibson also spoke with us about gun control.