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High Noon: Our First Look At Gun Rights Focuses on Record Permit Applications

Smith and Wesson stock was trading at 23 dollars a share Wednesday. This is more than double what it was in early 2015.

The National Rifle Association tells Fox 40 that its membership has grown by more than one million since 2009. Gun sales have surged nationally.

Fox 40 wanted to learn whether this was the trend locally. We found out exactly where Southern Tier residents stand on gun rights. Our law enforcement agencies have reported a record high amount of permit applications.

In the Broome County Sheriff's office, officials say that this year they have had to change the rules for its process and accept applicants by appointment only.

In fact, if you add up Broome, Delaware, Chenango and Tioga Counties in 2016 there have been about 450 applications in total processed in the first six weeks. This is a record. It is a 311 percent increase from 2012. If we stay at that same rate, we can project that 2016 total number by the end of the year will be 4,244. This is much larger than the total of 1,627 permit applications processed for 2015.

Business has truly picked up with regards to guns this year.