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Are Pot Holes Putting A Hole In Your Wallet?

By Faith Jessie.
According to AAA, Americans pay $3 billion each year in pot hole related vehicle repairs.

Last year the big freeze caused huge potholes, prompting emergency repairs by the City of Binghamton.

The city set a budget of $8.2 million dollars in 2015 to repair 15 miles of streets including certain areas on Riverside Dr. and Prospect St.

This year, a milder winter could mean fewer potholes, but the winter isn't over yet.

According to Deputy Mayor Jared Kraham, it's too early to predict how much will be needed to repair roads. But there are things you can do now to prevent damage to your car.

"If your tires are worn, you're going to lose ability to have good traction on snow and ice and that's a danger in itself. You can also be suspicious of puddles that appear in front of you in the road. When most of the road is dry or maybe a little wet and you see a puddle, it's probably a pothole," Richard Jacobs, President of AAA Southern New York

Fox 40 will have the full report on just how much these potholes could effect the area on Thursday.