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BU Pharmacy School On Schedule

Binghamton University's new Pharmacy School is on schedule to open in 2017. On Wednesday the school's leader gave the public an update on exactly where the project stands.

Founding Dean Gloria Meredith said the $60 million school is on track to being completed and will start accepting students in 2017. The four story school is being constructed at 96 Corliss Ave. in Johnson City where the old EJ manufacturing buildings are currently being torn down.

Meredith said the location will not only host the new pharmacy school, it will also be the new home for the Decker School of Nursing. The new campus should also strengthen the partnership between BU and Upstate Medical Center.

Meredith said, "Our students can learn together, learn how to work in the health care team, and we can collaborate with the nursing school in terms of research and in terms of clinical care."

Upstate Medical Affiliate, Domenico Prato said, "A large percent of pharmacists are over 55 years old so they're going to be retiring and we're going to be needing them and the fact that we're going to have a collaboration, a nursing school, a medical school and a pharmacy school, its going to be very nice."

The new Pharmacy School will also include a simulated hospital room which will allow students to practice clinical scenarios. Meredith also said the website for the school has been launched. To take a complete look at what's in store for the school and how to apply you can go to www.binghamton.edu/pharmacy