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Downtown parking study recommends more street parking, more attractive parking ramps

By Emily Girsch.
It's a problem you're probably familiar with if you've ever gone downtown.

Where to park?

According to a November 2015 study done by the City of Binghamton, inconvenient parking is the number one reason people avoid driving into the city.

Tonight's meeting was the final of a three-part series on the problem.

Future strategies include creating more on-street parking, but also creating better looking parking garages so people will want to use them.

In a separate meeting held by Binghamton City Council today, council members echoed these solutions.

Giovanni Scarinigi says creating public/private partnerships for more parking spots will help.

Scaringi says, "Potentially low-cost lease agreements with regard to the City of Binghamton and utilizing parking spots that are not being used during those peak times."

Peak times for parking are during lunch hour, between 12 and 2 p.m.

Other complaints revealed in the meeting were the limited parking times on meters in addition to a lack of available street parking.

Creating more attractive parking garages was also presented as an alternative.

"I think it's really important that we make the parking ramps in downtown Binghamton desirable to park in," said Council Member Conrad Taylor.

"That means beautifying the outside, cleaning up the inside, making the elevators work, really taking the demand from on street to off street."