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Fox 40 Begins its Look at Gun Rights This Week

The National Rifle Association tells Fox 40 that its membership has grown by more than one million since 2009. Smith and Wesson stock was trading at 23.45 a share Tuesday as opposed to around 10 a share in early 2015!

Locally, we are experiencing the year of the gun permit. In fact, local counties say the gun permit applications have come at a record rate in 2016.

In Colonial times, Americans expressed fear that their new country's government would demonstrate the tyranny and encroachment that they were freed from when our nation declared independence from Britain. This was believed to be the origin of the Second Amendment.

Today, we have a distrust of government and political ping-pong that has grown to great intensity. These are perhaps some of the reasons that gun sales have grown to record highs in certain parts of our nation.

We will look further into the gun rights phenomenon this week on Fox 40.