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Pipes Burst in Walton Middle/High Schools

By FOX 40 Staff.
Several pipes have burst in the high school and middle school buildings at Walton Central School District.

The school, which already had vacation days scheduled through Wednesday, will use two snow days on Thursday, February 18, and Friday, February 19, to give the maintenance staff time to clean and repair.

These are the first snow days the district will have had to use this school year.

Power went out for much of Walton, including the school, starting at about 2:30 a.m., and was restored at about 10:30 a.m. Sunday.

Walton’s maintenance staff reacted quickly during the morning hours, said Walton Superintendent Roger Clough.

“The maintenance staff did a tremendous job reacting and turning valves off to make sure to limit damage,” Clough said. “They’ve worked throughout the day to clean and check pipes throughout the buildings to assess any issues.”

The pipe bursts were mainly in the high school offices, as well as the high school guidance office. There were a few cracked pipes in the middle school, but valves were turned off before the ice gave way, so no water released into the rooms.

The district will remain closed for the week. School will resume Monday, February 22.