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Reward Offered in Binghamton Assault Case

The family of an alleged victim has offered a $500 reward for any information that would lead to the arrest of those involved in a January 31st assault.

Binghamton Police have also agreed to match that reward bringing the total reward to $1,000.

Remember, on January 31 after 3 am, Binghamton Police responded to a report of an assault that occurred in the area of Hawley and Exchange Streets.

Three young adults reported that they were walking along Hawley Street near Exchange Street when they were confronted by three other young people who exited a blue Jeep SUV.

As a result of the alleged ensuing assault, one of the young adults sustained minor injuries to the knee and head.

The three individuals then left the scene in the same Jeep. Binghamton Police Detectives tell us that they are looking to speak with the occupants of the Jeep.

Here are descriptions of Jeep occupants:

-Black male, mid-twenties, approximately 5’9” tall, medium build wearing glasses.

-Female, mid-twenties, approximately 5’6” tall, thin build, blonde hair.

-Black female, mid-twenties, approximately 5’4” tall, curly hair and possibly Hispanic.