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Lourdes Hospital to hold Seminar on Concussion Awareness

By Alex Howard (twitter:@alexhoward99).
According to the Center for Disease Control, about 300,000 High School students sustain a concussion every year, concluding that it is an ongoing epidemic in the United States. To address concern over the dangers of concussions, the Lourdes Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Team will hold a free and open seminar this Thursday. Experts from Lourdes will discuss prevention, how to identify symptoms, long term effects and rehabilitation.

"I've seen concussions in just about every sport, I've seen concussions in swimming, I've seen concussions in cross country, I’ve seen them in track. I've even seen concussions from somebody sitting up in bed too fast and hitting their head on the bunk bed above them. It can happen just about anywhere." Said Dan Sheffer, the Lead Athletic Trainer from Lourdes Hospital.

The Seminar, which is open to the public, starts at 6:30pm at the Holiday Inn Arena, with Registration beginning at 6pm on Thursday, February 18th