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Couple Celebrates Valentine's Day Together for Nearly 70 Years

A couple at the United Methodist Homes Hilltop Campus in Johnson City has celebrated Valentine's Day together for more than six decades. And each year their love grows stronger.

Their love story dates back to 1946 when Joe Langton had just returned from serving in WWII and attended a dance in his hometown of Kittery, Maine.

“I looked across the hall and I saw two girls standing there. One had beautiful red hair, so I went right over there, I was going to ask her to dance,” said Langton.

And then, Joe met Ruth.

“When I got over there, I took a look at the two and I decided to ask 'smiley' to dance,” said Langton.

A smile that has kept Joe in love for 68 years of marriage.

“Our vows were very important and still are,” said Ruth, “They still hold true... I would take that obey out.”

Besides a sense of humor, Joe and Ruth say there are a couple of things that keep their marriage going.

“We give each other a little space,” said Ruth.

“We try not to let the sun set on our arguments ever,” said Joe.

“But I think mostly we developed a friendship that can’t be broken,” said Ruth.

The most important thing for them is love.

“It’s friendship, tolerance, and love, but mostly love first. Love is funny, it has stages. And you grow with the stages,” said Ruth.

These stages have brought the Langton's four children, 12 grandchildren, and 24 great-grandchildren.

A family and love that just keeps growing.

“It’s not just on Valentine’s Day, it’s every day,” said Ruth.