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Local Jewelry Sales Spike On Valentine's Day

By Molly Darrow and Faith Jessie.
Love is in the air and people were busy buying gifts to show their appreciation for Valentines Day.

According to data collected from Statistic Brain, Americans spend over 13 billion dollars each year on Valentine's Day gifts. It also showed that about 17% of Americans give jewelry to their Valentine.

A local jewelry retailer says this love has resulted in a jump in sales as people shop for their valentines.

Van Cott Jewelers in the Oakdale Mall says that over the past month they have seen an influx of people searching for the perfect gift. Dozens of those buys have been engagement rings.

One already engaged couple said they are using the day to shop for an additional symbol of their love.

"We don't exchange gifts on Valentine's Day, just because it's right after Christmas time and we spent a lot of money, so we decided to come on Valentine's Day and look for wedding bands," said Horseheads Resident Joe Poff.

Van Cott says that Valentine's Day is its second biggest holiday for jewelry sales, right behind Christmas.