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Black History Month Event Embraces Forgiveness Over Hatred

By Faith Jessie.
Anger and Hatred...these are two emotions that one woman felt when she heard about the South Carolina massacre that killed 9 African American people while they were at church. An act of senseless violence that is believed to be racially motivated.

But today, Brenda Brown along with others said it's better to forgive than hang onto hatred.

A Black History Month event titled Amazing Grace and the Power of Forgiveness took place at the Broome County Public Library on Saturday.

The this year's event featured a student summit along with speakers who touched on a variety of historic events like the Marches from Selma to Montgomery in the 60's to current events like the Black Lives Matter movement.

This event has taken place for 40 years and Brown says she continues to hold it to not only keep black history alive, but to also help direct the future to a positive change.

"We have enough power because we are not stuck with anger to advocate for change. We want the social justice arena to be fair. We want to help people with their mental health concerns before we have another massacre like we had," said Event Coordinator Brenda Brown

A mural dedicated to remembering the 9 lives lost in South Carolina is currently on display at the Broome County Public Library.