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Local Businesses Swamped Ahead of Valentine's Day Weekend

You can't put a price on love -- but flowers and candy don't come cheap.
Some small businesses were swarming Friday ahead of Valentine's Day weekend.

"It's been extremely busy and getting busier every minute," said Christine Freyvogel, assistant manager at Chocolates By Leopold.

Chocolates By Leopold and Dillenbeck's Flowers are feeling the love as people pick up their Valentine's Day Staples.

"That's Valentines Day right? Chocolates and flowers that's the best way to go with all of it," said Kyle Dixon, from Waverly.

The holiday falling on a weekend means an even bigger boom in business.

"There's a huge increase and because Valentine's Day changes each year as to what day it falls on, that also makes a difference to how busy you are," said Fritsch.

Dillenbeck's Flowers brings in seasonal help to handle the crowds.

"We have some people that are relatives, they will come in and they will volunteer and then we have people that have worked for us in the past and they like to just come in and help us," said Fritsch.

Not just extra staff -- they're also bringing in some extra treats that are only sold during Valentine's Day.

"The chocolate covered strawberries. It's not an item that we carry. They have to be made daily, so we just made them this afternoon and we are set and ready to go with those," said Freyvogel.

After speaking with some people at Leopolds they all said that chocolates are nice, but you can't forget to pick something else out for that special someone.

But, if your sweetheart doesn't have a sweet tooth...

"What do you think? Probably say flowers," said Todd Wenban, of Vestal, said.

"Yea he would probably say flowers, he doesn't really care about chocolate, unless it's Snickers," his daughter, Adriana Wendan, said.