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Huchthausen applauds Cimino's effort to turn Bearcats around

In the two years before Linda Cimino took over the BU basketball program the Bearcats had 11 wins. In Cimino's first two seasons, they've already had 14, with four more regular season games left this year.

America East Commissioner Amy Huchthausen was in attendance on Thursday as BU lost in heartbreaking fashion on a buzzer beater to the Hartford Hawks. Huchthausen praised Cimino's coaching ability given the state of the program when she took over, and losing star point guard Jasmine Sina to injury in the preseason.

"I've been really impressed with them, what I've seen. I'm not the X and O expert but clearly she knows what she's doing," said Huchthausen. "To lose your star player after your first year, I think we had some staff members here that day, the day Jasmine went down and there was sort of a deep breath of 'oh gosh we're going to have another long season here.' But man, it's been really impressive to see what she's done with some of those young players. They play tough. That's what I notice. Especially coming off of a year like last year with a new coach and then that type of injury happens, teams tend to get down pretty easily and don't start the year maybe as optimistically as other teams, but they're in every single game."

Bearcats host Vermont on Tuesday.