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Drug Awareness Night Educates the Community in Hancock

By Fox 40 Staff.
The Town of Hancock is holding a month-long education series on heroin addiction.

As part of the series, Calvary Fellowship Church housed a community awareness event on Thursday night.

The event was put on by Truth Pharm, a local awareness organization that aims at reducing the stigma of drug abuse.

Addiction specialists, law enforcement, and family members of addicts spoke about drug awareness including signs of addiction and the need for narcan to prevent fatal overdoses.

"These are not just addicts," said Truth Pharm volunteer Nicole Coleman.

"These are beautiful people. These are mothers and sons and friends."

The founder of Truth Pharm, Alexis Pleus, lost her son to a heroin overdose.

His addiction started with a prescription drug following a surgery, a common way for opioid addiction to begin.

A police chief on the panel said parents should closely monitor their children's whereabouts and behavior, including using cell phone apps to track their locations.