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New Workplace "Link Park" Will Provide More Jobs, Space for Businesses

By Emily Girsch.
A brand new workplace is going to be coming to Binghamton soon, funded by state and Broome County grants.

The project was revealed Thursday afternoon.

It's called Link Park and it will house several businesses, both existing and startups.

Link Park will take 42 acres of land and is 450 thousand square feet.

It will be located on Industrial Park Drive in Kirkwood.

The work on this massive, multi-million dollar project will begin when the developers have received their permits and an environmental review is finished,

Developer of the project Dan Babcock says the new facility will provide more jobs.

"Obviously jobs go where real estate is," said Babcock.

"You have to be able to park cars in parking lots and you have to have great real estate for employees to work in. We believe Broome County needs better real estate, better culture, better environments for attraction to employees, but also attraction for employers."

Among businesses moving onto the new property is Scorpion, which provides security for laptops and smart phones.

Business owners at the event said with a workplace as cool as this one, they hope graduating students will stick around.