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Port Crane House Fire Ignites As Elderly Man Takes Shower

By Faith Jessie, Jason Weinstein.
An elderly man escaped a house fire in Port Crane Thursday morning as he was taking a shower...

Authorities on scene said the 911 call came in around 9:30 for a fire on 150 Monkey Run Rd. They say the garage was fully involved with flames soaring high above the roof.

Around 20 fire trucks responded to the scene including engines from Port Crane, Hapursville, Sanateria Springs and several other fire departments.

The Port Crane Fire Chief says they made an aggressive attack and were able to stop the fire from spreading too far inside of the home.

Authorities say the 74-year-old was at home in the shower at the time of the fire but was able to escape. They also said he had singed hair and a first degree burn to the face. He was not sent to the hospital because he left the scene to find a neighbor who would watch his dogs.

The fire chief said that two vehicles were destroyed but that the entire home is salvageable.

The investigation into the exact cause of the fire has not yet been released.