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Polish Baltic Philharmonic Impresses at BU

By Emily Girsch.
What better to do on a cold, winter tonight than to listen to the warm, rich music of Ludwig Van Beethoven?

The Polish Baltic Philharmonic was at BU this Wednesday evening, drawing a large crowd of classical music enthusiasts from the region.

One local man received his concert ticket for free.

"I'm actually here tonight because I work at Best Buy and I was actually selling an iPad to one of the performers and I found out when I picked up my tickets that he was the conductor," said area resident, Gael Salvant.

"I'm looking forward to something new, something different."

The show is called "Totally Beethoven." It began with an overture, and then a piano concerto, and then a fan favorite, Symphony No. 5.

"This is my first time seeing a professional piano [player]," said BU student Aron Shandra Sharvirala. "He was really great."

The orchestra was founded in 1945 on the heels of postwar Polish independence.

It is the largest music institution in northern Poland.