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Bearcats comfortable with level of competition

Despite surrendering a lead late in the 4th quarter to Albany on Monday the Lady Bearcats are in a much better place than anyone expected of them. Ten wins already on the season, BU was projected to win maybe four or five at the beginning of the season, so they've already exceeded expectations.

Twice this year they've played AEast leading Albany close and in both meetings had chances to win. Monday's loss could be contributed partially to Alyssa James only playing 21 minutes after fouling out and a rather shallow bench. But even still, Linda Cimino is please with the state of the season.

"We are competitive, we're competitive with everybody right now," she said. "We're in a stage with our program where, we're not supposed to win those games so the fact that we have ten wins right now is impressive for the way our team has been playing and the personnel that we have. I think we know that we can compete. Part of being young is learning how to win and our kids are in these games which is what you want to be. You want to be in those games. We lost to Albany by 30 last year but as we get older and more experience and more mature we'll be able to win those games as close games going forward."

BU hosts Hartford on Thursday.