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Can Complaining At Work Get You Fired?

By Faith Jessie.
This meeting is a waste of time, my lunch break is too short, my co-workers are annoying, is it time to go home yet? What do all of these phrases have in common? Those are all complaints you may hear around your office. If you complain a lot you might want to change that.

A Forbes magazine article lays out six perceptions that employers have about complaining employees. Some of these include a lack of productivity, trust, or responsibility. Click Here

Today the United Way of Broome County's Emerging Leaders
Society and Visions Federal Credit Union held a session called "Stop Complaining! Start Growing!".

Speaker Sean McDonald says complaining can hurt employees' careers as well as damage the company's growth and productivity. He says leaders don't complain, instead they have solutions.

"Come there with solutions, come with ways to fix these situations as opposed to going on and on ranting and raving about them," said Sean Mcdonald CEO Your Full Potential LLC.

McDonald also says that not complaining is a way to rewire the brain, to be more accepting and to give yourself a break from complaining all the time.