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Sheriff Harder Weighs In On Cornwell's New Plan

By Kerry Longobucco.
A new drug treatment program introduced monday by District Attorney Steve Cornwell (R) has sparked backlash from county officials, who say they were planning to launch a similar program this spring. On Wednesday, Sheriff David Harder (R) weighed in on the controversy.

The sheriff says he, along with the Broome Opioid Abuse Council (BOAC) plan to roll out their 'Angel program' in April.The program would pair addicts with police mentors who will walk them through detox and recovery.

Harder says Cornwell's announcement of Operation S.A.F.E. took him by surprise -- and that he would have rather seen the D.A. work with the other agencies on one, unified strategy.

"The previous district attorney attended the meetings, and always had somebody associated with it," Harder said. "It looks to me like Mr. Cornwell just wants to be a loner, and not a team player."

Harder says he hopes all parties can pool their resources, and form a better, stronger program.

Cornwell issued the following statement in response:

“We were able to place an addict with a treatment facility yesterday within three hours of his phone call to us; this morning he boarded a plane for rehab. We look forward to placing more addicts in the coming days and weeks, and encourage more agencies to get involved in this life-saving effort.”