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BPD: Assaults, Robberies Targeting Student Areas

By Jason Weinstein.
Binghamton Police believe a Tuesday night assault of a BU student is connected to other reported assaults and robberies over the past several days on the city's west side.

Police say a 22-year-old student was struck in the back of the head on Oak Street Tuesday night just before 9:30. Two suspects are described as African-American males about 5'10" tall. There is no description on a third suspect.

Police say students should:

 Travel with others – especially at night. Use the buddy system as much as

 Avoid distractions such as using cellular phones, PDA’s, headphones, ear buds, etc.

 Stay alert, pay attention to people and conditions around you, and know your environment.

 Avoid walking in dark, less-traveled areas. The shortest route is not always the best.

 Keep personal items close to your body. Don’t display money or expensive

 If anyone follows you, look confident and let him or her know you are aware of their presence.

 If they continue to follow you, cross the street and/or change direction, walk
toward other people or occupied building staying away from places where you
might get cornered.

 If someone in a car follows you, write down the license number and report it to the police as soon as possible.

The investigation is continuing and anyone with information is encouraged to
contact the Binghamton Police Detective Bureau at (607) 772-7080. Tipsters can remain anonymous.