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Vestal Library Asks for Special Tax District to Create School District Library

By Emily Girsch.
The Vestal Library wants to open a special library for the school district.

The Vestal School Board discussed those plans in their meeting tonight.

According to Vestal Town Council Member Shoba Agneshwar, in order to do this, the Vestal Library plans to ask the school district tax base to approve a special tax district in a spring election.

700 thousand dollars is the initial amount needed.

This has some residents of the school district concerned.

"The library itself is becoming antiquated because everything's going electronic, it's on the internet, it's free, so it doesn't make sense for the school to pick up something that's going to add another $700,000 a year," said resident Richard DeMars.

A special district meeting on the establishment of this library is slated for April 5th.