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Warmer February has Maple Syrup Flowing

It's a ritual repeated every spring, when the temperature hovers just above freezing for the first time after a long winter, the sap of Maple trees in Northeastern North America begins to flow, and maple Syrup lovers rush to harvest it.

"Last year the season didn't start until about March 13th in Southern New York, in fact in some places it didn't start until April" said Mike Blachek, Co-owner of Sugar Creek maple Farm in Vestal, NY.

The whole process is very time consuming, with careful attention not to over tap a maple tree, which could cause it to die come summertime. It entails collecting the sugar rich sap from Maple Trees of a certain size and boiling it down to a condensed syrup which is what we often find in bottles on the shelf at stores.

While the recent warm weather has allowed some Maple Tappers to get an early start on the season, the recent plunge in temperatures has halted their work. But in the end, for local and small scale harvesters, it's getting outside that is the real reward.

"Nobody produces Maple syrup unless they love being in the woods, because the hours are so immense, the number of hours you spend making Maple Syrup, laying tube, cutting firewood, all the things you do as a Maple producer. You do it because you love it, not because you'll get rich at it." - Mike Blachek