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Two Broome County Governments Say Time Warner Cable Owes Them a Million Dollars

By Emily Girsch.
Two Broome County governments are asking a judge for a well-known cable company to pay up.

The Town of Union and the Village of Johnson City allegedly have a 10-year contract with Time Warner Cable for franchise renewal agreements.

However, according to sources, Time Warner has been late in payments, thus accumulating a $100 per day fee and over the course of thousands of days, resulting in almost a million dollars.

Town of Union Supervisor Rose Sotak says even though the case is complicated, money is owed.

"The Town of Union Board is really looking out for their residents and what is due to them," she said.

"For all the Town of Union residents, including Johnson City, we are doing this together to save money."

A trial has been underway and according to the attorney representing the Town of Union and the Village of Johnson City, Time Warner Cable supposedly misunderstood the terms of that agreement.

"Time Warner in its defense has expressed that there was some confusion perhaps on its part as to when it was supposed to change the payments that were made under the old franchise agreements versus when the new one took affect," said attorney Oliver Blaise.

Fox 40 reached out to Time Warner for comment but they declined.

The judge will come to a decision on whether or not money is owed, in two weeks from now.