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Democrats Disagree Over Health Care

By Alex Howard (twitter:@alexhoward99).
The two Democratic Presidential Candidates didn't mince words when it comes to health care, but their ideas are vastly different, and while local Democrats laud Senator Bernie Sanders' ambitious ideas, they understand the uphill battle he faces.

"I think Secretary Clinton has a much better chance of succeeding because her plan is coming from the middle. Senator sanders has a much tougher road, because he's coming from the far left on this proposal." said Jim Testani, the Broome County Democratic Chair in a phone interview.

Sanders believes in a Single Payer, government run health care system, a position that draws criticism from not only within the party, but also outside, making bipartisan agreement unlikely.

"Bernie Sanders is proposing ideas that are appealing to a great swath of the electorate, but they're pie in the sky ideas that don't have price tags attached to them. He not explaining at all how to pay for all of the health care option that he's proposing." said Bijoy Data, the Broome County GOP Chairman, implying that the new system would significantly raise taxes.

New York's health exchange, nystateofhealth.gov, has options for lower-income people such as medicaid, child health plus, advance premium tax credits, and cost-sharing reductions.

"I think they're both right," said Mary Clark, the regional director for Citizen Action in the Southern Tier.

"And that's why we at Citizen Action believe that there should be a single payer system, but we also work incrementally as Hillary Clinton has too."