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How Much Pizza Will You Eat For The Superbowl?

How many of you ordered a pizza today? I know I definitely had a couple of slices. Did you know that the top 5 pizza sales days are Halloween, Thanksgiving Eve, New Year's Eve, New Years Day, and Superbowl Sunday.

Pizza delivery drivers can expect $2 tips to soar as high as $20 and Domino's delivery drivers will log a whopping 4 million miles on Super Bowl Sunday.

One local Pizzeria in the area is taking full advantage of this pizza surge The phone rang off the hooks at Brozzetti's pizza in Johnson City on Sunday.

Employees say there wasn't a minute to spare to fill the loads of orders they had coming in as customers prepped for the big game.

Rob Brozzetti said that they sell the same amount of pizza in four hours on Super Bowl Sunday as they do within four non-super bowl days.

"It's turned into such an event. It's more than just a football game. It's really important to the community and small businesses like ourselves, we really thrive on days like this and getting business throughout the whole year," said Rob Brozzetti, part owner.

Brozzetti says they are expecting to sell a lot of pizza on Sunday, but will not be staying open late to fill orders. So, If you might be interested in one of their pies you're going to have to get there before 10 P.M.