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Science Olympiad Competition Brings Out Student Passion

By Brianna Case.
The tension was high as hundreds of high school students competed at this years Southern Tier Science Olympiad. All trying to prove that they have the skills to go to the state wide competition.

Graham Wilcox is a junior from Vestal High School and he is one of many students who have confidence in their science skills.

"I have been doing science olympiad since sixth grade. I do it every year and have always enjoyed the sciences so it's just another way to augment what I am doing in my classes and learning more from the fields I always study," said Wilcox.

This science Olympiad had 25 different science events, which students were able to participate in.

"One of the initiatives of National Science Olympiad and the New York State Science Olympiad is to encourage students in STEP. That stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math," said Maha Hrvac, Member of New York Science Olympiad Incorporated.

New York State has 411 teams ant there are 7,000 teams nationally. It's something everyone takes seriously.

"In terms from the High School level this is something that requires the initiative from the coaches because they get their teams together, they work with the students to prepare them for the teams," said Christof Grewer, Coordinator of the Regional Event.

But, what it gives students is priceless. Teachers say that competing like this gives students the opportunity they may not had before.

"This gives students the opportunity to get involved in science education and also a little bit of research early on in their careers," said Grewer.

Students from Vestal High School took first place, while Maine Endwell came in second. Both teams will compete at the state level competition taking place at Le Moyne College in Syracuse in March.