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Science Olympiad Competition Inspires Young Scientists

By Faith Jessie.
Hundreds of science savvy high school students let their brains do the talking at the Southern Tier Science Olympiad competition on Saturday

Students representing more than 15 schools faced off in a day long series of contests designed to challenge their minds in areas like chemistry, cell biology, structural engineering, astrophysics and mathematics.

The competition took place at BU and it took over the campus with 20 different events that were spread around a variety of location at the campus.

One student said he like that the competition helps him to explore the different types of sciences out there as he prepares to make a decision for his college major.

"That's another advantage of this, is that you do get to explore a field, and kind of have an idea of what you would want to do, what major you'd want when you go to college. Things like optics or chemistry, or like astronomy, so it is really an advantage to know what you enjoy doing," said Vestal High School Student Graham Wilcox.

Students from Vestal High School won the competition. They will move on to the state competition at Le Moyne College in Syracuse on March 11-12.